Japanese ‘turtleneck’ phobia

“東京上野クリニック かっこいいダンスCM タートルネックボーイ”
Tokyo Ueno Clinic’s cool dance commercial, Turtleneck Boy (aka the “BYE BYE DANCE” for ℱoreskin removal)

The Japanese lyrics of the commercial are:


♫~Bye, bye, goodbye! Turtleneck Boy!
From the past that I did not have confidence, my goodbye
A new life wants to restart, I want to meet you!
And become a Ueno-Man!

The Rest-of-the-Story…
Japanese guys (and their mothers) have a serious “turtleneck” phobia. There are many medical places like Tokyo Ueno Clinic that offering to help guys loose their turtleneck (prepuces, ℱoreskins, or whatever). Called a hokei (“covered stalk”)—a glans completely covered by a ℱoreskin—Japanese often think they have “phimosis” where the ℱoreskin is bound up by tissue and cannot be physically retracted. For 99.9% of the time, it’s just psychosomatic wackiness.

Most Japanese men’s magazines and manga have advertisements for phimosis treatments like “Bye-bye—Turtleneck-Boy” New Japanese mothers are instructed on how to repeatedly “retract” the ℱoreskin of their young boys so they will not suffer the horrors genital binding and phimosis-induced trauma.

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My ‘secret’ gaden

Ah, my old “home.”
Rikugien Garden, which is arguably central Tokyo’s best, is constantly used by the Foreign Ministry to give foreign VIPs a taste of traditional landscaping aesthetics. And, it even has small teahouses that can be reserved quite reasonably. http://teien.tokyo-park.or.jp/en/rikugien/

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